• Name: Michelle Danette
  • Web site: www.remnantsounds.com 
  • Born and raised in Delaware
  • Occupation: recording artist, entrepreneur, film composer, film director, screen writer, producer, author and actress.
  • Principal Instruments: Soprano/Alto Saxophone/Native Flutes
  • Music genres: christian instrumental /Jazz/gospel


Michelle Danette is a worship minister, speaker, songwriter/producer, author, actress, film producer and entrepreneur. She operates with a Davidic anointing that transcends time and opens a window where the Sounds of Heaven are released and tangibly experienced. A native of Delaware and current resident, Michelle proclaims: “the goal is to minister to HIM (the Lord) and abide in HIS anointing with regard to the style and type of music I play.” Michelle’s music has been described by many as “energetic”, “powerful”, “healing” and “forth-telling”. Michelle aims not to entertain; but to provide an encounter, through music, to the presence of GOD..

Michelle's music can also be heard on the following films: "Dimensions of Deceit"-2010; "Location, Location, Location; a film by Charles Bailey -2009; "Rotten Eggs" a film by Ric Edevane -2008;

Michelle has played with Jazz/Gospel/Christian artists: Roy Fields (Lakeland Revival fame); Betty Sea, Andre Hoxter, Tyrone Reeves, Larry Williams, Herb Middleton, and more.



"Night Watch" (Remnant Sounds 2007)

"Out of the Wilderness" (Remnant Sounds 2003)

Deanna Ransom, "Never Say Never"; (NuVybe Records 2001)

Donald Ashley, "It's My Time"



“Return on Investment” (DTI 2013). Writer, producer and director.

“Dimensions of Deceit” (DTI 2010). Writer, producer director and original composer.

“37.5 Cyber Defense” (DTI 2009). Writer, producer director and original composer.