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    Remnant Sounds was established in 2003 by Michelle Danette as a music label and band front name.

    In recent years, Remnant Sounds has developed into a network of professional musicians in relationship to create sounds from the heart with a mindset of co-laboring. Remnant Sounds is the celebration of individual artists and their frequent convergence into a unified sound.


    The Rythmic Ministrel herself, Kattina Young, continues to serve in faithful support to Remnant Sounds while her personal music projects continue blossom. 
     Musicician, minstrel, songwritter and producer extraordinaire - Joseph Conner lends his gifts and talents to Remnant Sounds as a newcomer with seasoned artistry on guitar and keyboards.  Outside of the network, Joseph pastors Victory Christin Worship Center with his wife Kim in Dover, Delaware.  Read more..
    Bassist Walter Finnerty accompanies Remnant Sounds often, lending his expertise on funk, thumping and standard bass techniques.  Walter is also a music educator who appears often as a presenter in Bass Clinics throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  Click here for more information and expert insights.... See a Demo...

    2013 is an exciting year for us and we are working on several projects.    Michelle just completed producing and directing her third movie, "Return on Investment" in February; and look for new CD released from Michelle and Joseph in September.





Under development

Film Production






"Return on Investment "  the 2013 Cyber Film was written, directed and produced by Michelle. 

Up Coming....

8.5.17 - Christian Outreach Carousel Park, New Castle, DE

7.26.17 - UBON Thai Quisine, Wilmington, DE. 6pm-9pm

7.22.17 - Dr. & Mrs. Norman Hutchins Wedding Renewal Gala, Dover, DE





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Contact Us

Remnant Sounds is available for public and private events.  Please contact the manager @ remnant sounds .com for inquiries.

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Dr. Gloria James and WVUD radio:  http://www.wvud.org/


Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League:  http://www.mwul.org/dev/index_new.php


B&B Music: http://bandbmusicandsound.com/